On The Road Again…

On The Road Again!

I’m on my way to join about 1200 frontline pain practitioners who like me will be meeting in Las Vegas to teach and/or attend the world’s premier medical conference for treating PAIN. This is the fourth year that I will be joining my friend and teaching associate Daniel F. Cleary as members of faculty of PAINWeek.  Dan and I will be co-teaching 6 hours of Continuing Medical Education in Mind-Body Medicine to primary care practitioners, pain professionals, pharmacists and frontline clinicians providing pain management services. Our seminars will cover Effective Communication, Conversational Hypnosis, and Hypnotic and Self-hypnotic Techniques for Relieving NYC-like anxiety, fear and pain and pre- and post surgical applications of hypnosis.

Although, the words that any of us use when we talk to each other can heal or harm, Dan and I know the value of educating health care professionals to communicate more effectively.  We know that a medical doctor’ words are especially hypnotic when talking to their patients and/or their patients family. We know that a doctor’s words can promote healing or his or her words can be weapons of mass-destruction and that is why we are buzzing with excitement. In our own small way, Dan and I will be improving the medical care for thousands, maybe tens of thousands of people seeking relief from pain.

Oh yeah, I am buzzing with excitement…

I am back on-line 9/22/10 –

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