Taking the Unnecessary Suffering Out of Pain

Dateline October 24, 2010 – NYC Anxiety Hypnosis – 44 East 32nd Street, 11th Floor, New York, NY 212-580-3471

Several people have recently contacted me privately asking for advice or assistance with helping loved ones or clients dealing with pain related to cancer and anti-cancer treatment.

I am happy to assist both privately and publicly.

Here’s my advice:

The link below is to a one hour presentation that I made to a group of people living with RSD/CRPS.  I could have been presenting to people suffering from pain related to cancer or anti-cancer treatment and/or a wide range of chronic and degenerative pain. As you will hear, relief is realistic as soon as people use their memories and imaginations to help themselves feel better.

FYI – This is the type of information, insights and techniques that I share with the hundreds of doctors that attend my “Continuing Medical Education” courses at PAINWeek, the national medical conference for licensed frontline pain clinicians.

Living with RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy).

Guest Michael Ellner.  6/11/2010

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I am confident that  just listening to my presentation and utilizing the exercises can help people in pain re-conceptualize their experience and focus their attention in ways that take the unnecessary suffering out of pain

Michael E.

P.S.  Hypnosis Professionals and Allied Healthcare Professionals please note: My next two-day IMDHA  “Hypnotic Pain Relief Educator” certification training is in NYC November 6 and 7th.

Certified Pain Relief Educators Workshop: Michael Ellner


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