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Nathan Welch is a practicing psychotherapist and family therapist with his own private practice based in Watford. He works across the UK with a wide variety of clients and partners. Nathan’s unique approach was developed in response to the need for a more practical, effective and strategic approach which went beyond the present theory based ideas and dealt with the practical needs that arose out of working with hard to engage families and individuals. For more information about Nathan Welch or Story Therapy:

FYI – NYC Anxiety Hypnosis focuses on helping people become aware of and reprogram unwanted buttons… Instead of reacting with fear and inhibition we can respond with confidence and ease.

Here’s the blog:
Whatever you do dont press that button!!!!!!
By Nathan Welch

I was reading a great story this morining that got me thinking about fear, and the things that hold us back, the buttons we press and the ones we dont and our misunderstanding of the consequences!!!

There was a Dr who was born and raised in Kenya, he loved physics and remembered that from those classes AC meant alternating current. Many years later he moved to America and bought a car and noticed it had a button with AC on it. He was afraid to press it, so in the summer he would lower all the windows or use a handfan to stay cool as he drove around sweating, uncomfortable and miserable.

Then one day a friend asked him why the air conditioner was not on!!!? He replied he didnt have one, she looked at him laughed and pushed the AC button. His life changed forever!!!! He was amazed to realise relief had been at his fingertips all along.

Now that got me thinking how many gifts, talents come and go from this world, locked up in people who never press that button.

What makes some people prolific button pushers and what makes some people never push a button??
Go out and find and push as many buttons as you can, unlock your own gifts and talents you never know whats just at your finger tips until you push!!!

Have the most amazing weekend Nath

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  1. Love it! In popular psychology terms from the 1960s and 70s we used to get ticked off, complaining that people were ‘pushing our buttons’ – in those days it was a knee-jerk reaction of blaming others for our pain, hurt, fears…. So reading your comment about button pushing to tap into strengths and creativity is a fun new way of exploring ‘buttons’

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