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Today’s Blog was inspired by a press release/news item concerning research on test taking. Snip: “Knowing the right way to handle stress makes the difference between success and failure in the classroom. Researchers found that cortisol, a hormone released in response to stress, can either be tied to a student’s poor performance on a math test or contribute to success, depending on the frame of mind of the student going into the test.” Unsnip


Alan Barsky and I  utilized this understanding as the foundation of our book for Adults who are continuing their educations. We believe that learning how to creatively manage stress can make a difference between success and failure in just about every area of our lives.


Ever wonder why two people who are faced with the same stressful situation can react so differently? Why one may fall apart under the stress while the other is spurred on to greater achievement, invigorated rather than incapacitated by the challenge it presents? The difference lies in their internal connections.


For example, most people react automatically to current situations or problems based on deeply held beliefs, expectations and/or preconditioned responses rooted in their childhood “template”. The great news is that self-hypnosis can help us to learn to make better “connections” both internally and externally, better connections between a potential stressor and the outcome it leads to.


By the way, some of the confusion about stress stems from the way different researchers use the word. It is often meant to apply to outer events (e.g., getting fired, a death in the family, a change in a relationship) and inner events (e.g., heartbeat speeding up, adrenaline pumping, depression of the immune system). Technically speaking though, the word “stress” refers to the internal events and the word “stressor” refers to the external events.


Hypnosis addresses “stress”; it acts upon the machinery of our background template, the “inner connections” that govern the inner stress response; it activates and helps reorganize into a more integrated state the different stressor-negotiating mechanisms and their associated physiology.


This is helpful of course because we cannot do much, if anything, about certain outside events. In today’s economy, people are being fired every day. People are losing their homes and long-term relationships are ending. But, on the other side of the coin, by working with certified hypnosis professional and/or practicing self-hypnosis and meditating we can do something about our internal reaction to these events so we can deal with the external events more efficaciously. Instead of feeling pressured, we can sense an excitement. Instead of feeling anxious or afraid, we can sense practical action and confidence. Once these re-connections are in place and operating automatically, i.e., once our internal representations of what each stressor means are in place and operating automatically, we can feel challenged by stressful situations rather than threatened by them.




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