Free Telminar – Overcoming Anxiety with Conversational Hypnosis Intentional Relaxation and Mindfulness Training with Michael Ellner

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Monday, June 11, 2012 9:00 – 11:00 PM Eastern time Overcoming Anxiety with Conversational Hypnosis Intentional Relaxation and Mindfulness Training Register here: Phone number and access code at bottom of registration page. Michael Ellner’s mind-body approach to helping people overcome their anxiety and pain is an effective alternative/supplement to conventional hypnotic practice. Ellner helps clients discover that they can change the way they experience life and motivates them to act on this new information. Ellner’s clients report that although the daily pain and/or the stressors in their lives remains unchanged, they have changed and their lives have improved Michael Ellner is a certified medical hypnotist in private practice in New York. He teaches advanced courses in hypnotic pain relief, mindful pain relief and overcoming anxiety at hypnosis schools and conferences throughout North America and South Africa and is a featured instructor at the annual Major Medical PAINWeek conference. Michael has been honored repeatedly as a practitioner and educator.

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  1. If you enjoyed tonight’s presentation you might be interested in the Special Offers Below:

    Dynamic Hypnosis For Pain Control Workshop with Ellner and Sandland

    FYI – Roger is offering a $25. discount to listeners of the telesminar. The discount is valid for the next 48 hours (Ends @ 11pm EDT on 6/13/12)
    = Please contact Roger directly at: to get the discount — Thanks

    Alan and l are offering our IMDHA/IACT conference special to listeners of this call. This discount also expires @ 11pm EDT on 6/13/12

  2. Hypnosis for relaxation is a powerful tool to combat stress in life. Use hypnosis for relaxation to restore harmony and balance and foster a general sense of well being. Sitting down with a good book or spending the evening watching television are things that people usually do to relax but the level of relaxation achieved with hypnosis is far deeper and more profound.

  3. I have personally found hypnosis is absolutely wonderful for helping to manage stress and anxiety. I have also heard from many others who have found hypnosis to do wonders for their disorder. Great article.

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