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FLY LIKE AN EAGLE — Mind-Games That Win!

FLY LIKE AN EAGLE Mind-Games That Win! Dateline: October 5, 2010 NYC Anxiety Hypnosis Mind-Games That Win! I highly recommend playing this form of shamanic-method acting when you want to wake up some of your innate resources and abilities. It is really easy to do.  The only requirements for getting some helpful insights from this type of […]

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Whose Watching Your Back– Coming of Age…

Dateline Sept 24 – NYC Anxiety Hypnosis- 44 East 32nd Street. 11th Floor, New York, NY – 212-580-3471 I hope that you like this Native American Teaching Story as much as I do…. Coming of Age… According to legend, Cherokee boys had to undergo a Rite of Passage into manhood. It’s kind of like a Native […]

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Food For Thought…Which Wolf Are You Feeding?

Our beliefs, expectations and thoughts can increase or relieve NYC Anxiety. If You Are Suffering from NYC Anxiety – Ask Yourself – Which wolf am I feeding An elderly Cherokee Medicine Man was teaching his grandchildren about health and healing. He said to them, “A fight is going on inside everyone who has a health […]

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Rethinking Anxiety – Stop Worrying

Stop Worrying… Worrying about stuff seems to work. After all, 99% of the stuff we worry about never happens. All kidding aside, although most people know that worrying never helps, they just don’t know how to stop. This can be quite serious because the stress caused by chronic worrying, can be sickening. There are well-documented […]

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Doctors, Therapists and Medical Hypnotists Who Use Mind-Body Techniques To Relieve NYC Anxiety Are More Effective And Have More Fun

Today’s Blog is trolling for your opinions and feedback — I conducted a complimentary one hour program on “Anger Management” for a group of “At Risk Teens” suffering from NYC Anxiety. The girls, ranging in age from 15 to 18 who were attending an “all day” event that offered several choices at every time slot. […]

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