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My Interview

Mind-Body approaches to Pain Relief -Video Commentary :: Video Library :: PAINClinician

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Dan Cleary and I deeply appreciate Dr. Iris Shuey’s comments:

Dateline November 17 2001 NYC Anxiety Hypnosis – Dan Cleary and I were thrilled to see and hear Dr Shuey’s exit interview- Thanks Doc!

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A Quick Snap-shot of PAINWeek 2010 –

I am back in NYC and ready to assist clients at my office (44 East 32nd Street, 11th floor or via Skype) I thought you might enjoy the Poster PAINWeek-2010 created for us – We loved it! Hat Tip to  Darryl Sossa, who  created all of the PAINWeek Posters. They had a Poster  for every […]

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