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How to study better

“…. In fact, teaching people how to self-induce a target state of calm confidence, relaxed concentration and physical ease, floods their bodies with positive stress chemicals which automatically promotes peak performance…”

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CHOKE OR THRIVE– It depends on our inner-connections

Ever wonder why two people who are faced with the same stressful situation can react so differently? Why one may fall apart under the stress while the other is spurred on to greater achievement, invigorated rather than incapacitated by the challenge it presents? The difference lies in their internal connections.

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A Ellnerian approach to hypnotic pain relief…

The Set: A demonstration of a hands on version of the Ellner/Barsky Detox The Setting: Part of my Dynamic Hypnosis for Pain Relief training (Sat. June 11 2011. @ Holbrook Wellness Center, Holbrook, NY) The participants were members of the class who volunteered to participate in a pain relief demo Hat tip to Carol Denicker […]

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Overcoming Life long Fears Can Be Quick & Easy

It Can Happen Quickly Dolores Perri, an internationally renowned nutritional consultant and health activist, is also a first rate athlete who doesn’t ordinarily require help in mastering her fears. But there was one fear she seemed unable to master and that was her lifelong fear of heights. In less than ten minutes, she was guided […]

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Calling All Cracked Pots–

Without you being just the way you are….

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