Taking The Pain Out of Traumatic Experiences and Injuries…

I view hypnosis as a guided, self-directed healing modality. The above process is designed to help the viewer create and hold a space in which they can tap into their own mind-body healing resources. This technique is based on the latest thinking about psychoneuroplasicity and my 30 years experience as a medical hypnotist and hypnosis educator. My clients and the people who attended my wellness groups reported benefits. The research on the effectiveness of this technique has yet to be organized or conducted. Who will be the first researcher to evaluate the effectiveness of this hypnotic technique?


Changing the practice of medicine one viewer at a time.

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Rethinking the CDC’s anti-secondhand smoke ads –

I believe the unconscious conditioning and conscious expectations of getting ill that will be generated by these graphic TV ads is dangerous to viewers. Reactions to exposure to these ads could produce hyper-sensitivities to tobacco smoke, smokers and sociogenic illness with asthma-like symptoms, as well as acute- and post-traumatic stress,



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Anxiety after a breakup

After a breakup come people continue to focus on the past and get themselves into a state of anxiety.

This can become a problem if this type of thinking habituates for several reasons.
First being the detrimental effect of stress on the body.
Second is the focus and energy being wasted on thoughts of the past which prevents creating a beneficial future.
Third is the combination of the first and second which can result in years of stress and anxiety which wastes even more time and energy if a person doesn’t learn how to recover from a breakup.

One of my students, Devin Scannura, specializes in helping people to get over a breakup and also helps them to create goals. He reframes the scenario of the breakup as being a good thing that enables people to become a bigger and better version of themselves. I highly advise working with him not just because he’s a well trained student of mine but also because he is a highly skilled NLP practitioner with two certificates signed by the co-founder of NLP, Richard Bandler.

In case you can’t make it to meet with Devin, you can also learn how to get over an ex by visiting his site and taking his course.  It’s very intensive and has more than enough hypnosis audios, meditation session, videos using conversational hypnosis along with NLP strategies to not just get over a breakup but how to get over an ex like a rockstar.  He has been studying people who had a breakup and then became famous and successful after their divorce so this is why his course is about how to build ‘rockstar resilience.’

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PAIN HURTS – HYPNOSIS CAN HELP — Introduction to Medical Hypnosis


Live – Internet Energy Circle – Read all about it

A blast from the past and the future is now…

The Past:
I was recently reminded of the all of the weekly “NYC-Healing Circles for People with AIDS” that I participated in the 1980s and man-o-man did I get a rush. The weekly gatherings for People with AIDS were attended by tens of thousands of people who NEEDED or had ENERGY TO SHARE. These energy exchanges helped keep hope alive at a time when there was just about no hope for people with AIDS.

Sorry for the short notice – My friend Roberta will be co-conducting her first live Internet Energy Circle on Thursday and if you need or have energy to share – You are invited to join in.

In her own words:
Hello light workers,

Please join me in sending distant healing to your friends, relatives, and clients:
Thursday, January 12th from 10:30-11:00PM New York (USA EASTERN) Time

If you’re in a different time zone and will be asleep or, if you’re busy at that time, set your intention to receive instead or use a timed technique to send.

This energy circle has been in operation for the past five years and is going live via teleconference for the first time this week. If you would like to call in or access the recording after the session, please contact me

With the new format, there will be other practitioners on the call with me. I’ll begin the call at 10:15pm NY time by introducing them and explaining a bit about what we do. At 10:30pm, I’ll open the energy with a guided visualization / chakra balancing, after which we will all run energy, the four of us live and the rest remotely. The combined intention of the group has always made this a very powerful experience and I think working live will make it even more so.

If you would like to participate in the live call at some time in the future, please let me know. If you’d like to see the email I sent to my group, contact me and I’ll forward it to you.

~~~~ You will be experiencing an ACTUAL GROUP ENERGY HEALING SESSION this week ~~~ PLEASE JOIN US – here’s how:

Dial-in Number: You will be prompted to enter an access code.

Access Code: 310591# (PLEASE NOTE: International and long-distance charges apply)

This call will be recorded. When you call in you are agreeing to be on a recorded call.

When the call is over, simply hang up. I will notify you when the recording is available.

Call in early – lines are limited – but do share the info with others who want the energy!

I will email instructions for accessing the recording when it’s ready.

* TIME ZONES ( PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK FOR ACCURACY and kindly inform me if there’s an error):

See you in the ether and a Happy New Year to you all!

Roberta Alessandra, DD, CHt
~ end ~

The Future:
Is in your mind, heart and hands…


Your fipper is getting warm and dry with relaxation…


Teaching Cardiologists How To Build Rapport

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