FLY LIKE AN EAGLE — Mind-Games That Win!


Mind-Games That Win!

Dateline: October 5, 2010

NYC Anxiety Hypnosis

Mind-Games That Win!

I highly recommend playing this form of shamanic-method acting when you want to wake up some of your innate resources and abilities. It is really easy to do.  The only requirements for getting some helpful insights from this type of “mental exercise” or “mind-game” is an open mind and sense of playfulness.

Wanna (or Want to)  play? ….. Great!

All you need to do to get into the spirit of this creative mind-game is close and open your eyes and imagine that you are flying high …..  enjoying an eagle-eye view of the area that you flying over. Wheee ….. free as a bird!

Now, think about somebody who has qualities and/or abilities that you want to wake up in yourself. That’s it ….. as soon as you have targeted those qualities or abilities in your mind’s eye, project yourselves into that person’s point of view and see the world through their eyes and feel the world as they feel the world – without becoming them. ….. Now bring yourself back to every day space and time and think about the insights that came up. …..

Cool, huh?!

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