And THAT is why I am the best hunter in the village…

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I love Native American Teaching Stories — My friend Richard Rumble was kind enough to share this one:

Once, there was a tribe… and in this tribe was the son of the best hunter in the village. He adored his father and wanted to be just like him, so each day , he took his bow and arrow out and practiced and practiced and practiced. So accurate was his aim that none of the other boys in the village would even try to compete with him because he would always shoot straight and true and would win every shooting competition. Finally, his father agreed to take him on a hunt. He was overjoyed. He got up early in the morning and took his bow and grabbed an arrow and went to meet his father. When he saw his father, he was shocked. On his back were 3 or 4 different bows.. and at least 100 arrows. The boy was confused. “Father…. Why do you bring so many arrows.. you are the best hunter in the village. I have brought only ONE arrow and ONE bow. Surly you are a better shot than I am . Why do you have so many arrows and bows?” The Father replied…. ” I am the best hunter in the village BECAUSE I have so many different arrows. When it is raining.. I use THIS arrow.. when the air is dry I have a special arrow for that also. This arrow is for shooting Birds out of the sky, and this one is for shooting fish in the river. I have a Bow for LONG range, and a bow for UP CLOSE.. I have one for rabbit and one for deer and one for Bear. BECAUSE I always have the exact right bow and the exact right arrow for the exact game I am hunting for, I am always successful. And THAT is why I am the best hunter in the village”

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