Doctors, Therapists and Medical Hypnotists Who Use Mind-Body Techniques To Relieve NYC Anxiety Are More Effective And Have More Fun

Today’s Blog is trolling for your opinions and feedback — I conducted a complimentary one hour program on “Anger Management” for a group of “At Risk Teens” suffering from NYC Anxiety. The girls, ranging in age from 15 to 18 who were attending an “all day” event that offered several choices at every time slot. I was delighted to help and my experiential lecture was presented as “Handle Anger More Effectively and Have More fun.” My thinking was “managing anger” sounds like work and I planned on teaching them a set of simple and fun “Mind Games” (self-hypnosis techniques) that can increase their self-esteem, change their self images and improve their moods before teaching them how to off-load their toxic feelings and emotions. This is another example of how NYC Anxiety Hypnosis takes a lighthearted approach to serious stress.

It was truly pleasurable and satisfying to watch the look on their young peaceful and relaxed faces as I told them that they would easily be able to reconnect to these wonderful feelings of calm, very cool and collected any time they wanted to do so — by gently caressing their finger tips with their thumbs and thinking “I’m cool”. It turns out that I enjoyed the largest attendance of the day out of all of the multiple choice offerings and the ladies enjoyed it as much as I did.

NYC Anxiety Hypnosis anxiety girls

Here’s a snippet from an email from the person who arranged my presentation: “Dear Michael, Thank you for being a part of the NSA programs. By all accounts, your presentation was quite a hit. Seems your words really connected with many of the girls attending the lecture.” I mention all of this because today’s Blog is trolling for your opinions and feedback — Would you be interested in and attend “Doctors, Therapists And Medical Hypnotists Who Use Mindbody Techniques Are More Effective And Have More Fun lectures, seminars or workshops– if they were available? Thank you.

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