In The News-

In The News:

The following News items reflect the benefits of NYC Anxiety Hypnosis relative to breaking news:

Date September 2010

News Item: NYC Anxiety- related to activities like public speaking, taking tests, job and relationship pressures, etc. have been linked to cardiovascular disease, immune dysfunction and other metabolic disorders. This new research links stress and obesity.

Comment: I have helped 1000s of people cope with NYC anxiety-related stress — Surviving stress is good but it is not enough – I teach my clients how to thrive when dealing with NYC anxiety and related stress.


Date – August 2010

News Items: New research that shows one-in-four people postpone surgery due to irrational fears about anesthesia and American pay a $30.5 billion annually for back pain.

Comment: NYC Anxiety Hypnosis can help alleviate both issues: NYC Anxiety Hypnosis can help reduce or eliminate, pre-surgical fears and anxieties, and pre-surgical hypnosis can relieve post-surgical stress and pain, which speeds up the healing process. NYC Anxiety Hypnosis offers guided self-help programs that can help reduce, and even eliminate, chronic back pain, which also speeds up the healing process. Click here for more info:


Date – July 2010

* News Item- Researchers link adverse effects, like thoughts and acts of aggression and violence to prescription stop smoking aid.

Comment: NYC Anxiety Hypnosis offers a cost effective alternative to prescription stop smoking drugs without the dangers of adverse effects.

* News Item: Recent findings show that people who quit smoking before surgery can reduce the risk of complications afterward.

Comment: The just published research shows that smokers are more likely to stop smoking if offered assistance in preparation of their surgery. NYC Anxiety Hypnosis can help you stop smoking as soon as you are ready to do so.


Date – May 2010

News Items- May is National Arthritis Month,

Fibromyalgia Education and Awareness Month, and

High Blood Pressure Education Month

Comment: The great news is that NYC Anxiety Hypnosis has guided self-help programs that are easy-to-learn and can help you reduce or relieve stuttering, arthritis, and fibromyalgia-related pain, as well as lowering blood pressure.


Date – April 2010

* News Item: April is International IBS Awareness Month

Comment: Tragically, most IBS sufferers will not be aware that hypnosis can help prevent and relieve their IBS flare-ups because their doctors are not aware that learning and practicing self-hypnosis can help. There are tens of millions of people who could be helped to feel better and heal faster, who are not utilizing this safe, effective and affordable approach to preventing and relieving both emotional and physical pain related to IBS. NYC Anxiety Hypnosis offers an effective guided self-help program for relieving the symptoms of IBS. Click for more information on IBS:

* News Item: New research that shows that severe chronic pain can be a killer.

Comment: The newly published research clearly demonstrates that not treating pain is more dangerous than the risks associated with treating pain. NYC Anxiety Hypnosis can teach people how to lower and, in some cases, even eliminate their need for pain medications.

Click for more info on medial hypnosis for pain relief

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