Taking the unnecessary suffering out of Pain – On the road again…

I know that hypnosis can be very effective for helping people reduce and even eliminate pain. I am passionate about teaching people in pain, hypnosis practitioners, doctors and allied health care professionals how to get the most out of their own and their patients’/clients’ inner-resources.

The last few weeks have been highly charged because I have been very excited about the Pain Relief Seminar that I was planning to teach at Gilda’s Club for people living with cancer. I just taught it last night and it rocked! I have also really been excited about organizing and planning for the 3-Day “Dynamic Hypnosis for Pain Control” workshop that Scott Sandland and I will be teaching and Roger Moore, PhD will be hosting in Seattle this weekend.

For those who don’t know, Gilda’s Club is a unique, not-for-profit organization that provides free community, free resources and free space to “just be” for people living with cancer and their loved ones. It feels great to be part of a larger healing community and during my 30 years of practice and 25 years of teaching I have learned that the more fun I have, the greater the benefit for my clients and the better the learning experience for my students. Again, I had a blast teaching last night. I deeply enjoyed the feedback that I received on my presentation but I knew even at the time that I had connected to and helped the people who joined me.

Snip: “I wanted to thank you for your presentation of Pain Relief: A Mind-Body Approach last night. Those who attended gave very positive feedback and indicated that they would very much like for you to return to the Clubhouse again in the future. Specifically, they reported that the lecture was clear and informative, with good content and practical exercises explained. They also had positive feedback regarding your lecture style, stating that you came across as very open and full of humor. They reported that they gained knowledge, and that the discussion of mind over matter was very helpful as well. I truly appreciate you taking the time to support Gilda’s Club New York City, and we would love to have you return at some point in the future”. Unsnip

I plan on going back to Glida’s Club in NYC and I highly recommend hypnotists working with or wanting to work with pain clients consider volunteering to teach a seminar on hypnotic pain relief for a Gilda’s Club near you.

I am just about ready to pack and I fly to Seattle tomorrow morning. All I am going to say is this – I am very psyched for teaching with Scott Sandland this weekend and I am feeling it!

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