Overcoming Life long Fears Can Be Quick & Easy

It Can Happen Quickly

Dolores Perri, an internationally renowned nutritional consultant and health activist, is also a first rate athlete who doesn’t ordinarily require help in mastering her fears. But there was one fear she seemed unable to master and that was her lifelong fear of heights.

In less than ten minutes, she was guided into a peaceful focused safe place and was seeing herself standing at the edge of the highest peak, feeling totally exhilarated by her mastery and accomplishment in overcoming her fear of heights. She was advised to focus on her Power Image whenever she had a moment or two for self-empowerment.

She was then guided back, with the assurance that the seeds for overcoming her fear of heights had been planted and would bear fruit whenever she was ready to test them. Within months of our ten minute session, Dolores and her husband went to Colorado and headed for the mountains. But, let Dolores finish this story with her account of what happened:

“Our group went to Boulder, Colorado to see the Flatiron Mountains, called such because they look like two old fashioned irons standing side by side. I was determined to climb up these mountains and, as I proceeded up the mountain, I had no problem at first because the trails were very wide. As we proceeded up the mountain trails, they became narrower, but I kept going.

When I reached a point on the mountain where I had a spectacular view of Boulder University, I stopped and was able to sit down and drink in the beauty of it all. The view was unobstructed as I was higher than the trees. The ledge at this point was about five feet and, as I realized where I was, a twinge of the old fear came back to me.

At this point I was beginning to form a cold sweat. However, I said to myself, Oh No! that’s not going to happen to me anymore. I stood up, swung around and felt a feeling of exhilaration and accomplishment at overcoming a lifelong senseless fear of heights. I have taken pictures of this accomplishment and will gladly show them to one and all.”

She added her thanks and the comment, “. . .you have opened up other areas in my life that I thought would be off-limits. What a joy to have no limitations put on you by a false sense of fears.”

Enough said!

Michael Ellner- © 1997 with Permission

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