Anxiety after a breakup

After a breakup come people continue to focus on the past and get themselves into a state of anxiety.

This can become a problem if this type of thinking habituates for several reasons.
First being the detrimental effect of stress on the body.
Second is the focus and energy being wasted on thoughts of the past which prevents creating a beneficial future.
Third is the combination of the first and second which can result in years of stress and anxiety which wastes even more time and energy if a person doesn’t learn how to recover from a breakup.

One of my students, D.S. Yvon, specializes in helping people to get over a breakup and also helps them to create goals. He reframes the scenario of the breakup as being a good thing that enables people to become a bigger and better version of themselves. I highly advise working with him not just because he’s a well trained student of mine but also because he is a highly skilled NLP practitioner with two certificates signed by the co-founder of NLP, Richard Bandler.

In case you can’t make it to meet with Devin, you can also learn how to get over an ex by visiting his site and taking his course.  It’s very intensive and has more than enough hypnosis audios, meditation sessions, videos using conversational hypnosis along with NLP strategies to not just get over a breakup but how to get over an ex like a rockstar.  He has been studying people who had a breakup and then became famous and successful after their divorce so this is why his course is about how to build ‘rockstar resilience.’


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